Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ponder On That!

Like many at the beginning of a New Year, my home church is kicking off a season of new resolve.  We have been encouraged to set aside a time each day to pray not only for the goals set forth in our church, but individually as well.

As I sat down to pray, I couldn’t help but feel like I had done this so many times before.  I was discouraged as I remembered past resolutions being overtaken by the pressing event of the day until they were completely forgotten.  Nonetheless, I settled in with pen and paper eager to hear from my Father. I was reminded of our last time together on Christmas Eve when after having poured out my heart in prayer, I rested in His presence waiting for a response.  He simply said, I Love You.  Ponder on that!

Today, He expanded on that point, “Remember last time when I told you I love you?  This needs to be at the forefront of your mind not a list of Do’s and Don’ts.  This will change your focus throughout the day.  How many times do you mindlessly go off and do things without thinking about Me?  Am I going too…not just will I approve, but am I there in your midst? I love you. That’s the point of this life Bonnie, My love toward you and it extended through you to others.  If you must have a life goal, let it be love.  If you must accomplish something each day, let it be love.  Love in all its forms; giving, receiving, helps, hope, encouragement, significance, seeking, soul searching…all in love and nothing but love so help me God. (Yes, He really said that)  Life is supposed to be FULL not filled.  Look it up!”
So, I did.

Webster’s definition of FULL is as follows (parenthesis, mine):

Containing as much (love) or as many (instances) as is possible.
Complete (love) especially in detail, number or duration.
Lacking restraint, check (questioning) or qualification (worthiness).
Having distinguishing characteristics (of a child completely loved by God), enjoying all authorized rights and privileges.
Not lacking in any essential, perfect (love).
Being at the highest or greatest degree, full speed, full strength.
Being at the height of development (all in love).

Look, I know life is not all rainbows and unicorns, but if I gave in love and received in love, if I extended help, hope and encouragement through love, if while soul-searching I found significance in His love. Wouldn’t this obliterate most of the items on my To Do list?

So, this is my new resolve, to accept the fullness of God’s love toward me and let Him love others through me.  Ponder on that!  


  1. Thanks for sharing this link with me. A great reminder at the perfect time! ❤️ U!!

  2. I love this entry!! It fills me with joy - just thinking of the possibilities! :)